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Perth Wedding day limo/car choice is all about personal taste

| 03/08/2013

When a bridal couple makes the decision to hire a Perth wedding car service provider for their special wedding day, knowing which car to choose comes down to basically three things:

  • Personal taste
  • Style of wedding
  • Budget

wedding limos, When it comes to choosing your wedding day car, your personal taste in vehicles is one of the most important factors. Some bridal couples like to use antique or classic sedan or coupe while others prefer long gleaming stretch more modern choices such as a Hummer or Chrysler 300c. Most Perth wedding limo company offer a wide variety to choose from. Some specialise in the antique and classics while others offer later models.

The style of your wedding is also a determining factor in wedding car choice. If you’re having a less formal affair, you probably wouldn’t want to go all out with an antique Rolls or other similar vehicle. Just as if you’re having a formal wedding you most likely wouldn’t want to pull up in a Hummer. But then again, it is personal choice. Most couples who have traditional weddings tend to choose a limousine that fits well with that style such as a Daimler, Bentley, Rolls Royce or Jaguar. These vehicles are ideal for a bride and groom to travel in.

Of course, budget plays a big part of the wedding day car you choose. The fancier the vehicle, the more it will cost to hire it. Most Perth wedding car providers offer special hire packages to help bridal couples keep expenses down. It doesn’t hurt to shop around and compare the fees of different suppliers. The thing to remember is that during the height of wedding season and school ball season, some vehicles may not be quite as readily available for hire. The best way to ensure the vehicle you choose is to book it as early as possible. Quite a number of wedding car for hire services also offer off-season specials as well.

Choosing the Perth wedding car for hire supplier isn’t that difficult. There are quite a number of online wedding planning directory sites that give you information about different suppliers and direct links to their site. Remember, choosing the vehicle for your wedding day is just like choosing your gown or the colours of your bouquet- it’s all about what you like best. If you’ve really got your heart set on an expensive vehicle, plan early and look for discounts wherever possible.

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