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What parts of your Perth wedding day is standard video coverage

| 04/08/2013

Every bridal couple plans a very unique wedding that reflects their personalities and style. Just like your wedding is unique, so is the wedding video created when you hire one of the many professional wedding videographers in Perth. Although each video is unique to a particular wedding, there are some basics that most videographers offer as part of every package.

These generally include:

  • Video wedding invitation
  • Pre-wedding video
  • Groom and groomsmen prep
  • Bride and bridal party prep
  • Photo sessions
  • Ceremony, reception and departure

Why just send out a ho-hum printed invitation when you can invite your guests via video? A video wedding invitation reflects not only your uniqueness as a couple but can save you money as well. Instead of having to address and mail out hundreds of printed invitations, you create one video that can go out to everyone on your list. With an included RSVP link, your guests respond via email.

Because you, the bridal couple, are busy getting dressed and preparing for your ceremony, you don’t normally get to see everything that happens before you arrive at the venue. Many wedding videographers in Perth offer a pre-wedding video as part of your package. They can have a member of their team to shoot footage of the venue being decorated, guests arriving, etc. These scenes can greatly enhance your final video.

Part of the wedding day ritual is getting the groom ready. Tying ties, making sure the best man has the ring, the laughs and jokes that are shared. The camaraderie between a groom and his groomsmen captured on video makes for wonderful memories of your special day.

You will only wear your bridal gown once. Why not capture all the beauty of getting dressed for your special day with sound and motion? The time spent with your bridal party is a very special part of the day that can never be recreated. What could be more fun that watching everybody posing for the photographer? Seeing the process of setting up a group shot or the actions of on-lookers while you’re posing is a nice way to add to your wedding day memories.

Seeing and hearing you repeating your vows, cutting your cake and that first dance is so much more meaningful than just looking at a photo. For most bridal couples, the day tends to be a blur, but with a professionally produced wedding video, you not only see all the things that happened, but hear them as well in a way that will truly bring back all the joy you felt that day.

Why not relive your wedding day memories in a way that you will treasure and enjoy sharing with others. Choose a professional wedding videographer in Perth to capture all your wedding day festivities.

Speak to Perth’s iWedding Video in detail about your wedding day.

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