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Letting your videographer know what you expect

| 03/08/2013

An important part of wedding planning when you hire one of the many Perth videographers to capture the memories of your special day is clear communication. It is very necessary to let your videographer know exactly what you expect them to do.

  • Make a list of special shots you want included
  • Give the videographer a copy of the wedding day schedule
  • Put the videographer in communication with the photographer
  • Any music or special affects you want added post- wedding

Writing out a list of shots you definitely want included is the best way to do this. Although most standard wedding video packages include a set number of shots, you may have something definite in mind you want included that’s not part of the standard package. This is especially important if you have certain family or cultural traditions the videographer isn’t aware of. By having a written list, the videographer and their team can make sure everything is captured.

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Videographer working

Knowing where to be and when to be there can help eliminate missed moments on your wedding video. Just as it’s important that your photographer know your wedding schedule, so should the professional Perth videographer you’ve hired as well. Most experienced wedding videographers know the order of standard wedding events, but you also don’t want them to miss anything that is unique about your wedding.

It is also important that your photographer and videographer be able to work at the same time in the same space harmoniously. Most videographers “stay in the background” during the events. That’s how they’re able to capture the unexpected. However, if you’re having your entire day captured, then you might want to include the photo shoot as part of the video. If your videographer and photographer don’t know each other – put them in contact with each other as early as possible before the big day.

Many couples like to have enhanced effects such as music, subtitles, etc. added to their wedding video. So that post-wedding production and editing can go as smoothly and quickly as possible, sit down and discuss these things with the videographer before the wedding. If you’re providing the added effects music, make sure the videographer has it in hand well before time.

Keeping in clear communication with your videographer can mean the difference between just having a recording of your wedding and having a treasured memento of the most important day of your life. Most professional Perth videographers that specialise in weddings know these things are important.

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