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Wedding Rituals for your Ceremony by Perth Wedding Celebrant

| 05/07/2013
Circle of Love Ceremony, Onyesha Pinelakes

Kissing in the Circle of Love

As a Perth Wedding Celebrant I have had the honour of performing over 1000 weddings and I have come to realise that we are all different and each couple has a specific vision that they would like to achieve.

Their vision could be formal, relaxed or a combination of both of these aspects however they would like to include something special into their wedding ceremony.

One of the ways to make a Wedding Ceremony different, individual and special is for you to use a ceremony ritual.

Butterfly Release, Joondalup resort

Releasing Butterflies at Joondalup Resort

Adopting a wedding ritual can be as simple as using a common tradition as giving away or something that is a little less common such as Butterfly release or Sand Ceremony.

Most rituals will represent a symbol such as love, unity and coming together.

Here are a selection of some wedding rituals and some common explanations, history or symbolism that you may like to adopt for your wedding ceremony:

Circle of Love:

When your guests arrive they can make a circle of petals, flowers, stones, shells or pebbles.  During the ceremony the couple will step into the circle to say their vows. The circle represents the never ending cycle of love.

Sand Ceremony:

The bride and groom have two individual vessels of different coloured sand and combine into a third vessel.

Sand Ceremony, Cottesloe Beach

Sand Ceremony on Cottesloe Beach

This represents two people becoming one in Unity. Here is an example of a Sand Ceremony I particularly enjoyed.

Silent Flower Ritual:

The bride walks down the aisle and takes from her bouquet 2 loose long stem flowers.  She lets go of her fathers arm and walks over to her mother and also mother to be and gives them a rose. This signifies the roles the mothers have and will play in the brides life.

Lovelock Ceremony:

A padlock is locked together by the bride and groom and symbolises the commitment they have to each other and represent their love:  solid, secure, safe and protected.

Lovelocks Australia, Hyde Park

LoveLocks on the Tree of Life.

The lock can be locked onto a “Tree of Life” and you can even place the keys onto a balloon to be released into the beauty of the surrounds.  Have a look at Lovelock Ceremony.

Ring Warming:

Before the couple exchange rings they are passed around their guests who warm them with their love, then pass them on to the next person. The guests make a silent wish for the couple and when the rings are handed to the couple to exchange, the rings contain all the love and wishes from their guests.

Butterfly Release:

Releasing Doves, Perth Wedding Celebrant

Releasing Doves at their wedding

Releasing butterflies is a magical to involve your guests, particularly small children. When butterflies are released, legend has it that the wishes of your loved ones will be taken on the wings of the butterfly up to the great spirit who will grant the wishes.

Dove Release:

Releasing Doves at your Marriage Ceremony symbolises the newly wed couple setting off on their life together, in harmony. We hope the couples marriage has all the wonderful qualities that the White Dove represents.

I hope you now have some great ideas to add something special to your wedding ceremony.

Releasing Doves, Doves of Love

Doves of Love

Every wedding can be different so if you have a vision for your wedding, then please talk to your Wedding Celebrant who will be happy to write a ceremony that has the elements that will make your Wedding individual and unique:  Happy Wedding Planning.

Brad Whitelock, Perth Wedding Celebrant.  Ph: 0431 974 608






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