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Exploring the photographer/wedding videographer Perth partnership

| 03/12/2013

Gone are the days when a wedding video was a shaky, sub-standard piece of film usually taken by a kind friend or relative. As keen amateurs they took it upon themselves to record the special day. However the results were often mixed: a short, sometimes passable, usually very disappointing, document of the special occasion. Wedding […]

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What parts of your Perth wedding day is standard video coverage

| 04/08/2013

Every bridal couple plans a very unique wedding that reflects their personalities and style. Just like your wedding is unique, so is the wedding video created when you hire one of the many professional wedding videographers in Perth. Although each video is unique to a particular wedding, there are some basics that most videographers offer […]

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Choosing the Best Wedding Video Perth Services

| 22/03/2012

Everyone in Perth wishes their wedding to be the most outstanding event with all the best elements that a well planned wedding ceremony should have. Couples in this area spend a lot of time planning for their wedding day. So if you are planning to have your wedding any time soon, you should start planning […]

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