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Exploring the photographer/wedding videographer Perth partnership

| 03/12/2013

Gone are the days when a wedding video was a shaky, sub-standard piece of film usually taken by a kind friend or relative. As keen amateurs they took it upon themselves to record the special day. However the results were often mixed: a short, sometimes passable, usually very disappointing, document of the special occasion. Wedding videographer Perth specialists iWeddingVideo understands and embraces the changes that have occurred since those early days of wedding videos.

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Such is the improvement in video quality that the company now can supply the wedding video in Blu Ray and HD is also available as a finished article. However with the change in quality and the importance of the wedding as a full production has come the change in role of the wedding videographer at the event.

The role of a Perth wedding videographer

  • No longer of secondary importance to the photographer. The wedding video is now a feature production. The wedding videographer Perth, like their counterparts around the world, is now at the centre of this production. This contrasts with the sub standard videos of years past which were often just an afterthought. From filming the wedding and reception, to organising the wedding party and guests for shoots, to making sure the lighting works at its optimum level, to editing and polishing the final product, the videographer’s role is crucial.
  • Planning the wedding should always include the wedding videographer Perth. As with all major events, a wedding will benefit from having the videographer from the beginning of the planning stage. An experienced and professional videographer will be able to make suggestions for locations of shoots, best lighting, timing of arrivals and more that may make all the difference to the successful running of the wedding.
  • Co-operation with the photographer is the key to success. As with all major productions, co-operation plays a key role. The wedding video and stills photography can now be thought of as a team production with the final products enhancing the memories of that special day.

Having discussed the importance of co-operation between the photographer and wedding videographer Perth, it is worthwhile to explore how they should act as a team at the wedding for optimum results.

The photographer/videographer relationship 

  • Understanding each other’s role. This is vital for the smooth running of the recording of the wedding. The photographer and wedding videographer should understand fully each other roles and the needs that arise from their individual methods of recording of the occasion. Ideally the photographer and wedding videographer Perth should have worked successfully together on weddings in the past.
  • Co-operation in shoot situations to both obtain optimum pictures/videos. Both the videographer and the photographer shouldn’t work as separate entities but understand that working together will bring the best results.
  • Familiar with each other’s work. Each professional works differently. They have their quirks and methods to achieve the best possible results under the given circumstances. This is true of photographers as well as the professional wedding videographer Perth. The ideal situation if you are planning a wedding would be to hire professionals who have worked together in the past.
  • Liaising for various wedding shoots. Time can be saved by organising the wedding party for combined photographs and video shoots. Here planning between the photographer, wedding videographer Perth and bridal party before the event is crucial.

The photographer/wedding videographer Perth relationship is therefore vital in these days of the sophisticated production of recording your memories. Consider the needs of the videographer early in your planning of the event; their suggestions may help save you time and money. Their ideas may make the recording of your wedding even more special.

Understanding the crucial partnership between photographer and Perth wedding videographer  is one of iWeddingVideos’ strengths. Check our sample video for an example of what is possible with teamwork and professionalism.



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