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Hiring a Wedding Celebrant: Hindsight to your Wedding Ceremony

| 06/01/2013

Hindsight is a great thing,………..we all know that! But how good would it be if you gained insight into how to arrange a wedding first rather than waiting to see it all unfold before your very eyes on the day.

You only ever plan a wedding and being married with the intention that it will last for the term of your natural life. And if you are getting married for the first time or have even been married before, at least in terms of the wedding ceremony itself, it is helpful when you are doing your planning that you try and see what needs doing and how it will look, “thru the eyes of a Celebrant”, a stage manager, a wedding planner, or, at the very least someone who runs events. ……………..Not easy I hear you say!

Most couples, I think would usually do 4 things first up:

  • Select a day and date.
  • And then try and book their venue for that date, and if the venue for the ceremony is not the same, then the venue for the ceremony, as well
  • A photographer, and then
  • The Celebrant or Minister of Religion………..

Unfortunately, the person marrying both of you, as in the Celebrant, and I can only speak for them, we come in a very poor, “fourth”, I have to say. And in many ways, I would suggest that you take the opportunity to speak to prospective Celebrants, before you do anything, as they are an absolute font of information. That said, it all depends on how soon you plan to marry, how big your wedding is, how grandiose or how intimate and small you want your wedding day to be and you will also know too well, that you will be guided by a thing called, “a budget”, so what is grand for some, may not be so grand for others.

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Photo: Absolute and Alive

Some of the questions you may ask of a Celebrant! What is your favourite venue and why. But that said, just because it is your favourite venue, (as in the Celebrant), it doesn’t mean that it ticks all the boxes required to make your wedding ceremony successful. Information on venues whose core functions are weddings, functions, banquets and big events, have some advantage over the others. But what are they like, how well so they run things, do they have good customer service, are they clear in regard to their terms and conditions and can you easily understand what you are paying for, are they flexible where and if they can be?

Very few venues are purpose built for weddings in WA, and even if they are, they sometimes miss the mark too, in terms of good entrances and exits in regard to walking down the aisle both on entry and exit. Sometimes the entry is too short, sometimes we get to view the bride all too soon, which takes some of that mystery away, sometimes, lots of stairs, (Bride might stack it), and sometimes you don’t have a good exit to walk back down the aisle to a place where you can be congratulated peaceably and easily. Will you then be in full sun or indeed in the shade, if it is a cool day, and you are standing there getting burnt or freezing for at least 30 minutes more while you are congratulated by everyone. And if not much room to be congratulated, then with everyone coming up to congratulate you, it gets a bit tight and bottle-necked and it can be a little overwhelming.

So, how do the other type of venues stack up, the parks, reserves, gardens, the beach, the bush, the back yards. For a start, some local authorities.

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