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Choosing the right bridal bouquet for you

| 25/06/2012

This might be easy as you may have a favourite flower or colour that your wedding is based on, however if you are struggling to make a decision,
here are a few tips:

  1. Choose a style of bouquet to suit you. For example, a large cascading bouquet might not be the best choice for you if you are small or petite. Similarly, a dainty little posy may not suit you if you are tall as the flowers will look too small.
  2. Try to match the bouquet to your dress. If your wedding dress is simple, you could add some detail and texture to the flowers to create interest and contrast. If your dress is quite detailed, its best to go with simple flowers so that the overall look is not too “over the top”.
  3. Skin colour can play a part in the choice of flowers. If you have pale skin, avoid too much white in the bouquet as it may make your photo’s look washed out. If you must have white, simply add some greenery or berries to break up the whiteness, or use cream or soft pink flowers. Darker skin colours look great with rich colours like red and purple.
  4. Try to keep the colours consistent throughout the whole wedding. This means, the bridal bouquet must match the theme also.
  5. Don’t choose flowers that are too delicate or fragile for a cut flower bouquet. Flowers to avoid are frangipani, camellia and some types of orchids. Damaged flowers will ruin your photo’s and be disappointing on the day. If you are getting married in Summer, choose flowers that are strong and resilient to avoid disappointment.
  6. Try and make the bouquet “uniquely” yours. Add something of interest like berries, feathers or diamantes (though not necessarily all together-as a rule just choose one feature).

Choose something that suits your style. If you are more reserved, even something as simple as using some rolled leaves around the outside of the bouquet or lace around the stems instead of satin ribbon will make the bouquet stand out and be memorable.

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